How far will you travel?

Harris is USA Citizen living in Barcelona, Spain. So, he’s easily able to travel to most of Europe including the UK.
He’s often in the USA as well – so, if you’ve got something happening in the U.S., don’t rule it out.

What's your cancellation policy?
My standard cancellation policy is up to and no less than 72 hours AFTER performance agreement is approved and deposit has been paid. Any cancellation AFTER 72 hours will result in forfeiture of deposit.
What languages do you perform in?
Harris is from the USA and primarily performs in English. He will also incorporate a bit of Spanish in his show upon request.
Do space size do you require?
For the stand-up show, Harris prefers at least 10’x10′ (3.5m). If your location does not allow for this, just let him know so he can prepare accordingly.
Do you supply audio equipment or does the venue?

It’s usually best to have the venue provide the audio, but Harris can provide this as well upon request.

Do you focus on kids, adults or both?

Harris primarily performs for ‘adult only’ events and especially for companies. His shows can be as clean as you want them to be. If there are some kids in the audience, Harris will make sure they have a good time, as well (especially if he expects them to attend.)

What's up with the llama?

Harris sometimes performs with the world’s only mind-reading llama at no additional charge. The llama is hypo-allergenic, suitable for all ages, and not harmed in any way during trainings or performance.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa/MC, Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Bitcoin